DCE Real Estate


DCE Real Estate has cultivated and administered its own inventory for 20 years. Its focus is on the South Hesse/Rhine-Main region. The company maintains a broad spread with property from the residential to commercial sectors, all the way to mixed-usage and even a parking garage.

Along with the acquisition of real estate, its corporate objectives include the conservation, valorization, and revitalization of property as well as its long-term management and usage. Value retention and the safeguarding of the future take center stage. Well-thought-out concepts, a strong vision, and comprehensive planning comprise the recipe for success of DCE Real Estate and its CEO Dogan Gülsen.




Dogan Gülsen is the CEO of all companies of DCE Real Estate.

In 1983, he went into business on his own and then entered the haulage and logistics sector, eventually with more than 100 employees. 1998 he enters the real estate market. In 2016 the haulage and logisitcs sector was sold. Since 2017, he concentrated only on the real estate market.

Dogan Gülsen acquired his diploma as a Business Economist, as well as a Bachelor and Master of Science MSc. in Business Management and Finance in England and in Switzerland. At IREBS Immobilienakademie (real estate academy), he pursued an intensive study program in Real Estate Asset Management. In 2018, he became a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS).

Since 2010, Bastian Gaydoul has been responsible for the areas of administration and finance and monitors project development.